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“The Man in the Shadows”

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Hello everyone

It doesn’t bother me how many “keeper” images I make from any one trip, month or year. If I’m meant to photograph something then I will, it’s quite simple. I do not get over excited about trying to hunt images, of course I am always looking for potential “image zones,” but my favourite images are those that have come to me when they are ready. Some are spontaneous, right moment, right place – point, shoot and score.

But often I just wait patiently in an opportunist spot, unseen, unheard and un-noticed, and let the images come to me and my camera. I describe this to people as my “Man in the Shadows” approach to photography!

“The Man in the Shadows”

I was putting some washing away in the bedroom when I looked up and saw myself, well my shadow on the wall – quick, better grab my camera!!



Written by stevendraper

2008-04-15 at 9:19 pm

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  1. Totally cool picture. Did it take long to set up?


    2008-04-16 at 4:45 pm

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