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Legendary Medium Format Arrives.

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I’m very pleased to announce that Steven Draper Photography has acquired a number of Rolleiflex 6008 camera systems in order to work on a range of projects that require a different approach to that offered by the latest dSLR cameras.

The Rollei cameras, along with the legendary optical performance from both ‘zeiss’ and ‘Schneider’ lens and high technology modern films combine to create what is probably the highest performing and most versatile medium format system in existence. Duplicated items will be held as spares or resold – keep a look out here for some great opportunities.

A New Angle

"A New Angle"

The large waist level viewfinder that presents the photographer with a mirror image of the world in almost 3D like form, provides an alternative approach to composition and creativity.

At the highest end of photography, film certainly is still very much alive as a medium for capturing images in situations that do not require a rapid production of proofs or final images. However a digital data back can be added to the system if required.

In order to take a transparency into the digital processing world requires scanning. I have also sourced and purchased from a US company specializing in creating fine art reproductions a Kodak/Creo IQsmart II flat bed scanner. At around $18000US brand new this incredible scanner is capable of creating amazing digital files allowing large prints. Flat art work and prints can also be scanned. Keep posted for details of film/slide scanning packages and also artwork/edition print opportunities in the future.



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