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‘Reflective cycles in Dreamland’

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With my studio upgrade nearly complete I’m pleased to announce a new Signature Edition print release.

'Reflective cycles in Dreamland'

Edition 1, Print run 1 contains 4 10″x6.66″ archival prints. I chose a satin paper because it appeared to provided the greatest dMax within the pinks and oranges. The first image was matted and framed and is due to be auctioned this weekend at a Charity event. It is full of very fine detail and reproducing on screen is a complete nightmare, but I’m sure the above image provides a flavour of the piece.  A print on 11×14 photographic paper, T-hinged to a foam core back board in a sealed protective wallet  and ready to frame is $35 Canadian. Full details can be found here.

Bear River is a charming place that was our family home for a couple of years when we moved to Canada. In fact we still have a home for sale there that is just a few moments from this spot. However Bear River was a very difficult place to photograph in a way that captured it’s true spirit. The light was right when the tide wasn’t, to windy, too misty, the leaves change in fall too quick……. But on this morning the rhythms lined up and I thanked God for waking me early and ensuring I was perfectly positioned to capture the spirit of the tidal valley.

Sometimes images just seem to happen at interesting times and I’m sure some of you may be interested to know that the conceptual processing of this was carried out on my laptop in between controlled sleep tests in a hospital sleep lab. Perhaps it was all that dreamy energy that moved the image in this direction, it certainly was a day that influenced my life greatly and an image that is full of emotions.

I may well produce a larger print, A3 certainly looks a possibility, but for now this size is a perfect Christmas gift for a special corner.

To see more info about the print please CLICK HERE, to purchase please email me HERE, and to comment please use the box below.


Happy Dreams!  Steven

‘the complete picture’


Steven Draper is an award winning  ”freestyle photographic artist” based in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. His high quality images cover a range of subject matter but are conceived and created ” from the heart.” Steven is available for a range assignments and can be contacted via the comments box or the sites contact page.  All material on this web-site is subject to copyright and is not permitted to be stored, reused or re-distributed without the prior written permission of Steven Draper, his heirs or executors.


4 Responses

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  1. What a beautiful and romantic image. I love the colours – it makes me think of the Bronte sisters and Wuthering Heights for some reason.

    Just wanted to pop over and say hi, and thank you for the comment on my painting journey.


    2008-11-26 at 11:41 pm

  2. It almost looks unreal.
    The reflections seems flawless. The colors are great too!
    Lovely! 🙂


    2008-11-27 at 12:01 am

  3. Oh Paradise! Heaven on Earth….

    Dating Tips

    2008-11-27 at 2:08 am

  4. Stunning shot! Congrats on your “new” studio!
    and thank you for dropping by to comment!


    2008-11-28 at 10:57 pm

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