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Happy New Year

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Dear All

Welcome to 2009, a year that despite a number of economic concerns I’m very excited about. I’ll be providing information of a massive new project that will run in parallel with my fine art involvement with PEC studio tour and also involvement with a local gallery on this info-blog over the coming few weeks.

One of my ‘New Year’ rituals is to peel myself out of bed about 7:00 am after a few hours sleep to try and photograph the first sunrise of the year. Often this isn’t possible because of cloudy conditions; but today the weather was perfect, although very cold at -19C. We currently have a number of sheep with lambs on our farm. I though it would be rather appropriate to combine the hope that new life brings with the first sunrise and provide my wife, who is also due to give birth any day, with an image for her web site that details life on our farm. Read about our farm HERE.


HappyNew Year

Happy New Year 2009



In the mean time, I’d like to wish all my clients, customers and readers of this site a warm and safe journey through 2009.



‘the complete picture’


Steven Draper is an award winning ”freestyle photographic artist” based in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. His high quality images cover a range of subject matter but are conceived and created ” from the heart.” Steven is available for a range assignments and can be contacted via the comments box or the sites contact page. All material on this web-site is subject to copyright and is not permitted to be stored, reused or re-distributed without the prior written permission of Steven Draper, his heirs or executors.


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2009-01-1 at 4:36 pm

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