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What is a pole*pics

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Hi everyone.

Last weekend we opened the doors to our pole*pics website and we’ve had a lot of hits! While we let Luksa finish off manufacturing North America’s most advanced pole camera system, we’ve been busy at the pole*pics studios. In order to perfect our computer controlled camera capture and work flow, we’ve created the pole*pics simulator – I told you this project is fun!

Check out the full story on the website, but for the time being here is a real image from a simulated pole*pics assignment!

All the best, Steven


‘the complete picture’


Steven Draper is an award winning ”freestyle photographic artist” based in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. His high quality images cover a range of subject matter but are conceived and created ” from the heart.” Steven is also the Founder and CEO of Polepics, ‘Photography head and shoulders above the rest.’ All material on this web-site is subject to copyright and is not permitted to be reused or re-distributed without the prior written permission of Steven Draper, his heirs or executors.


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