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1st Feature Photographer Exhibition

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Hello Everyone.

It seems that it is only a few days ago that the phone rang and I was asked whether I’d be able to supply enough photographic images to fill a gallery at an upcoming exhibition. Equinox, Gallery Arts Plus, Belleville 26MArch – 26April 2009. Despite the short notice and the arrival of the polepics mast I decided to go for it. The chance of my first significant exhibition in this area is too good an opportunity to pass by. 


The theme for the show is Folk, Colour and Fantasy and due to the short notice I’d be using images from my library of images rather than shooting specifically for the exhibition. It took several hours to search through my archives and I really must get round to sorting out all the files in Light-room soon!

I decided that all prints would be made specifically for the exhibition. Some images would only need a little processing, but others would need to be worked from scratch. I even made one new picture with the mast system!! All went very well until it came to making the prints when some serious banding problems occurred. Eventually I managed to resolve them, but the stock of archival inks was heavily depleted during the rectification requiring an overnight delivery to be ordered at extra expense. 

I also upgraded to Photoshop CS4 during the period and ran into Scratch disk problems that took an evening of internet searching to resolve. Thankfully with a day to go to the hanging deadline I’d made most of the prints. Now making the frames is also part of my mission and so I’d placed an order with National Art in Nova Scotia to supply the mouldings and other bits and pieces like Matt Board. They’d arrived in good time and so I looked forward to some chopping and fixing. 

It was during this that I discovered that the specific chuck key for the thumbnail joiner was missing. I searched high and low, knowing that we packed it for our move about a year ago. Eventually it turned up but half a day was gone. So the matt cutting went on late into the night, in-fact right through to next morning!!!!

So I’m relieved that most of the work is done. Just some glazing to be cut and we are done.


‘the complete picture’


Steven Draper is an award winning ”freestyle photographic artist” based in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. His high quality images cover a range of subject matter but are conceived and created ” from the heart.” Steven is also the Founder and CEO of Polepics, ‘Photography head and shoulders above the rest.’ All material on this web-site is subject to copyright and is not permitted to be reused or re-distributed without the prior written permission of Steven Draper, his heirs or executors.


Written by stevendraper

2009-03-19 at 7:25 am

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