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Image Date: 8th August 2008

Creative Work: 5th May 2009 (Edition 1)

Total Prints = 3 (max 50) AP = 1 / Avalible =2 / Distribution = 0


This page contains the following chapters. Scroll through or click on to jump direct.

  • Overview
  • Credits, Exhibitions Uses and Awards
  • Print Example
  • Framed Example
  • EXIF and Technical Notes
  • Edition Log
  • Print Log



    A menacing looking storm approaches. The different cloud shapes and texture highlight the amazing air currents that take place within a large summer storm. As a pilot I’ve experienced first hand how these fierce airflows can throw a large airliner about.  Although on this occassion it was my lens that I pointed directly into the battle from the safety of my home’s deck, rather than a flight deck!


    Image Credits, Exhibitions and Awards

    Print Candidate for Art in The County 2009



    Print Example


    Framed Example

    Image to come. 

    Technical Notes

    Nikon D2x – NEF (12bit) Nikkor 28-70 F2.8 @ 28mm – f8 – 1/80s – ISO 100 

    Exposed well to the right, NX2 RAW conversion and exposure adjustment, dramatic contrast curve added. 16bit aRGB Tiff into CS4, converted to BW and Toned (nik Software) minor burning. Grain.

    The 100% crop shown below highlights the texture and is taken from the bottom of the image, 1/4 from the left.



    Edition Log

    • Edition 1 – Creative work completed 5th May 2009.
    • Print Run 1 – 5th May 2009  at The Viewfinder Studio, Sengdroma Farm, PEC. 
    • 13″ x 8/7″ Archival Inkjet (B9180) on satin Photographic Paper. Total Print 3 

     Print Log (Click Here to discover how to purchase)

    1. Edition 1 Print Run 1 – AP – (minor spot noted and corrected in collector prints.)
    2. Edition 1 Print Run 1 – 1 0f 2 $175 – Avaliable from Mid June – Framed (18×14) – Potential Exhibition print for Art in the County 
    3. Edition 1 Print Run 1 – 2 of 2 $95 – Avaliable from Mid June – Print Only – Artist Storage – Currently Unframmed / Unmatted, both upgrades avaliable.

    all the best, Steven


    ‘the complete picture’


    Steven Draper is an award winning ”freestyle photographic artist” based in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. His high quality images cover a range of subject matter but are conceived and created ” from the heart.” Steven is also the Founder and CEO of Polepics, ‘Photography head and shoulders above the rest.’ All material on this web-site is subject to copyright and is not permitted to be reused or re-distributed without the prior written permission of Steven Draper, his heirs or executors.


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