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Born in England, Steven Draper moved to Canada in 2006. He is married with three young boys. A hill top farm estate in rural Prince Edward became the family home in 2008 with Steven declaring that he had finally found his spiritual home.

“I’ve spent my life climbing things in order to get a better ‘birds eye’ view. First ladders and multi-story car parks and then the highest hills I could find; eventually spending several thousand hours flying aeroplanes in order to enjoy ‘chasing rainbows and dancing with clouds.’ It seems appropriate that I should find a house on top of a hill with views of the sky for miles in all directions at a place called Bethel! ” [SD]

A love of photography dates back to his child hood years. Joining a large camera club, Steven found himself engaged in competition photography and despite being one of the youngest members, his images were frequently placed – for a couple of seasons prior to his flying training he challenged for the overall league cup!

In 2005 Steven purchased a Nikon D2x and his passion for cretive photography was once again ignited. Since that moment, almost every twist and turn of life has somehow revolved around photography and he now spends his time between photographic pursuits, the family’s organic farm and other community projects.

Self taught and with very little ‘influencing’ from others past or present, his work covers many subjects, combining natural and man made environments with an artistically blended documentary approach.

“I enjoy creating images that are really windows through which the viewers mind can wonder around and enjoy the beauty that exists within the various visual and emotional levels of a single moment. Life is so fast and much is missed as society speeds along. Yet it’s the recognition, enjoyment and understanding of the significance of these subtle interactions that shape the very core of our humanity and ultimately our spiritual ease and happiness.” [SD]

In 2006 an image titled “Roller Coaster” won a major competition in Nova Scotia with a $500 prize package, and just weeks after arriving in ‘The County’ a very complex, yet exceptionally simple visual image titled “Natural Support” won a Jurors Awards at the prestigious Art in the County.

2009 has started well with an Exhibition as a feature photographer (Equinox – Galler ArtsPlus Belleville) inclusion into Art on Main gallery and the PEC studio tour. He is also Sandbanks Provincial Park resident Artist 2009 and has recently launced Polepics, a commercial aerial photography service using an advanced pole mounted camera system. 

His freelance and client based photographic work has featured in media, websites and his fine art prints are hanging in a growing number of collections across Canada and Europe. He processes, matts and frames his images himself and refuses to become commercialized!

“I care about every part of the production process of every single image – therefore I do everything myself. I want each print to be special, not commercial – I like the fact that when you hang one of my photo’s it’s completely me from releasing the shutter to hanging from the wall.” [SD]

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2008-11-13 at 2:21 pm

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