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Memorial Hockey Tournament

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Hello Everyone.

My photographs of all the action at the Richard Scruby Memorial Tournament are now on line and avaliable to purchase.

Please click HERE or on ANY PICTURE  to go to the gallery

5×7’s are $10 each, that includes the tax, and will generate approx $5 of proceeds per image for the trust fund. A number are also off to a local newspaper.


The Winners

The images are arranged as best as possible in team groups, although by nature of the sport many shots have players from both teams. I do have many more images so if you do not see yourself then ket me know and I can check my files.

The easiest way for me to manage any purchases is for each team to supply a list of requirements – each picture has a number below it – by the end of April and I can make the prints and hae them sent to you shortly afterwards.

Alternative sizes are possible, please contact me direct for details. Lets see if we can make a few more $ for the trust fund. 

Please feel free to comment below the pictures! 



Proud to be Canadian…

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…is the title of a recently published article in a specialist Ontario newspaper called ‘School Advocate’. As it’s name suggests it centred around education and is published quarterly. 

My assignment was to cover the RCMP Musical ride from an educational aspect and required both photography and also text. The event is very dynamic and I decided to use two cameras, one with the Nikons classic reporting lens, the 28-70 f2.8 G and the other with the 70-200 f2.8 G VR. Two images were eventually used, one two support article and another was used as a thumbnail on the front page. 

‘Story, Story, Story!’

Journalistic imaging is different from fine art in the pace at which things are required. However ‘Story, story, story’ is critical in grabbing attention, along with image quality that comes from good technique and equipment. The first image, from which a thumbnail was used, shows why it is worth hanging about after the main event for a few moments!

'Back to school'


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