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The aim of the “info zone” is to provide a Quick Access list of links to a combination of my pages, articles, and other external web-sites* that I think you’ll find useful.

Whether you’re interested in finding out more about my images, the techniques and equipment I use, or simply where to find a good coffee** in Prince Edward County, you’re a click or two from all I know!

I’ll admit there isn’t much here just yet, although I’ve started to sketch an outline of things as that will help me colour the pages in later!

  • My Image Collections.
    • How to Buy or Use my prints.
    • Lots of Info about how I produce prints, provenance and how to keep them looking good.
    • Using an image for other purposes.
    • Charity images.
    • Print Index and links to Galleries.
    • Exhibitions, Awards and Image Usage.
  • My “Prince Edward County” and other locations.
    • Favourite Photo Locations – and when to enjoy them.
    • Personal tours/workshop – I’ll tailor an experience specifically for you.
    • Current WeatherLive link Banners, Forecasts, Climate stats, Sunrise and Sunsets.
    • Places to eat, drink, and everything else.
    • Lots of “The County” Web Links!!

  • My A-Z of Hints, Tips and Techniques.
    • All Aviation! – All I know about aviation photography!
    • Beginners Luck! – quick ways to turn snaps into better pictures.
    • Composition ideas. – Rules, No rules or
    • Exposure – Everything to do with EV’s White Balance and E/HDR.
    • to continue….




I do not receive any reward for providing the planned reviews, info and links. *I’m not responsible for the content of external web sites, **or the service by companies and organizations mentioned. If you find something horrible then please let me know and I’ll review the link.

Written by stevendraper

2008-04-26 at 10:00 pm

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