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The photography that you chose to represent yourself, product or vision with, whether on the web, in print, or hanging in a frame, subconsciously tells the world a great deal about you – the pride you have, how much you care. How many times have you not read a particular article or book, or hit the next website button, because the supporting images just looked home made, a kind of low budget afterthought or just didn’t do anything to inspire your visual senses.

In a time pressured world, hitting the spot with the right image is becoming more and more important. And not just with big multinational companies with well known brand names. Every single business, organization or charity that uses printed media or the web to promote its activities, products or services to a media saturated, time pressured and financially stretched world, has to compete more successfully than ever.Because I understand the power of images, I can help you with my services and photography in order to give your product, location or organization the visual impact it deserves.

My Aim

To provide a service that combines good value with an honest, dedicated and detailed approach to the whole experience of creating successful images to people who care about the total quality of the photography and service that they receive.


My Philosophy

I really care about the things that I create, whether it be a cooking a meal at home, wrapping a gift or producing your photography. Whilst working towards an overall end result, I believe that it is attention to all the small details that will make the difference between an OK piece and the great piece that you deserve.

That is why I generally undertake all of the processes involved in a project myself, from meeting clients, discussing objectives, generating creative options, running the photo-shoot, digital processing, printing, file preparation etc. I like to make sure each step is done to my level of satisfaction before moving onto the next.

Many would say that this does not really make much business sense when much of the equipment I require is so expensive, or I could be out source it to others, or you could use a big commercial studio, agency or try to produce the image work yourself. May be, but that’s why I am an independent, individual photographer who truly cares about every piece of work that I produce for every customer, rather than blasting out thousands of shots for a large studio or agency.

Because I have the professional equipment required to achieve the best results and, as a full time photographer, can divide my time between my personal projects and customer assignments as I please, I am often able to produce work within tight deadlines without compromising my dedicated and detailed approach. A love of what I do, how I do it, and having the ability to control that, is how I like it, and how my customers and clients seem to like it too.

My Current Services
  • Portrait photography – studio, plus location lifestyle and environmental.
  • Photojournalistic projects. Events, essays, writing and dedicated or embedded photography.
  • Event coverage with online sales and media supply.
  • Commercial Photography.
  • Architectural & Real Estate.
  • Processing clients own images / making gallery, exhibition or competition quality prints from clients files.
  • Custom Matting and Framing.
  • Aviation Photography
  • One to One tutorials, workshops and photo tours.
I’m always happy to discuss what I can add to your assignment, project or photographic task, so please feel free to contact me. I will quote without obligation and provide a satisfaction guarantee on my work.
For all enquiries please contact me at

Written by stevendraper

2008-03-19 at 9:21 am

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