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Signature Edition Prints

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Thank you for your interest in Steven’s ‘Signature Edition’ print collections. On this page we explain the following topics:


Steven’s images are the end product of many hours of work devoted to capturing, processing, producing and presenting quality images to the very best of his own and equipment’s technical and creative abilities.

He produce prints to archival standards using the latest pigment inkjet printer and photographic paper technology. (sometimes called Giclée, although in the photography world generally referred to as “archival inkjet on paper.”)  His images are already owned and form parts or collections across Canada and the UK bringing pleasure to their owners and guests, and properly cared for will do so for many generations.

Even though he uses quality materials, expensive camera equipment, the finest lens and the latest printers, his aim is to make beautiful, well crafted prints available at sensible and accessible prices.

“I don’t believe in pretending to be a famous photographer – perhaps one day I may be!! – I do not set silly prices in order to boost my ego. “[SD]

He decided that producing so called “limited editions” photographic prints wasn’t right for most images. The whole subject is somewhat controversial and other photographers do other things. But for Steven, so much energy goes into making each print that a reflection of his core values –  Honesty, Integrity and Trust – does not fit comfortably with certain numbering  methods! Because every print he makes is very important – whether it be a 10 x 7 or an exhibition piece, Steven handles as many sales as possible.

‘”I enjoy meeting and interacting with purchasers of my work – it’s part of the overall creative, ownership experience and enjoyment of the print.” [SD]

Small Edition Print Runs

Following research,  Signature Edition images are produced as follows. They are still “limited” in the sense that only ever a small to moderate number will be produce in his life time, but rather than say 1/50 when only 2 or 3 have actually been produced, they are produce in small batches. i.e. 1st Edition, Print Run 1, Print 1 of 5. If it sells out, or we want to print at different size, different paper, then that becomes Print Run 2 and so on. 

We see images differently at different times in our life, so if Steven reworks an image in the future then it becomes Edition 2… It’s a model that is very similar to book publication, except each item is specifically logged. That being said, unless otherwise noted, no greater than 50 prints, including Artist proofs, prints, gifts, special editions, portfolios etc greater than 7×5 will ever be in distribution from any one particular image file, that’s across all sizes, editions, print runs. Because of that overall limit Steven has to manage his work carefully, fully justifying each print that is made. It is worth noting that as a print approaches the ‘lifetime limit’ the retail price for the print may increase.

‘There is so much to explore photographically in this World that I demand of myself that I continually look for new work to produce. I don’t see continually reprinting and reworking ‘popular’ images at infinitum is conducive to expanding ones understanding of our energies brief experience of life – unless an image suddenly has a extra meaning due to a life event when additional energy can be added.’ [SD]

Information regarding the history of each print will eventually be available online for purchasers and collectors to view. [example] Each print is made on oversized paper which contains information printed onto it. Smaller sized images currently come with a foam-core back and are presented in a sealed archival sleeve. Steven does use non standard image crops and ready cut matts are available at time of purchase.

The popular 10×7 on 11×14 paper format fits many commercial frames, although we would recommend professional framing for maximum archival protection. Images greater than 11×14 currently come in a protective sleeve and if shipped are carefully rolled into tubes. These are ready to be framed and a professional framer will be able to remove the roll properly! Matted and Framed pieces are available directly from Steven’s studio, galleries and retail outlets. Shipping of framed pieces is not impossible, but is expensive.  

All information about the prints is logged and will be made available, providing “provenance” about each image, an honest and accurate reflection of the prints total distribution. The first images produced in 2007 are included in the log, and any maximum number stated will not be exceeded in all sizes. Other sizes, text added to image – favourite verse, quote – prints from other images on my web-sites, may well be possible. Please contact us with your requirements.

Finally, although you may be able to connect with a picture on your computer screen, it is really difficult to evaluate what the print will actually look like. This is because it’s quite difficult to squeeze a 70mb 16bit Tiff file down to the 100 – 200kb required for sensible internet use. A lot of detail goes and lines can become a bit “jaggy.” We work in larger colour spaces than monitors allow and converting to sRGB for the web can change the tonal appearance. Sometimes the colours of the print will be slightly different, depending on exactly how your monitor is calibrated.


During 2009 an online catalogue / archive and purchasing system will be launched. It is hoped that Steven will be represented by a local Gallery in addition to his own studio and ‘viewfinder’ gallery located within his home.

In the mean time purchases can be made:

  • Either in person at my studio
  • By e-mailing Steven, providing details of the print name of reference number, and Edition detail so we can e-mail or telephone you back with details. Paypal purchase is acceptable.


If you order unseen i.e. over the internet, then Steven Draper Photography will refund or rectify at your request if the item does not meet your satisfaction within 14 days of delivery. All we ask is that you let us know that you are returning it, and we will refund you as soon as it is received. In the event that a rectification is not possible then we will provide the opportunity of either a refund or an alternative product. We package items carefully, and where possible ship as an insured package, but if they arrive damaged then either speak to the delivery agent, or if that is not possible, call us and we can rectify it.


2008 print runs, for a 11″x14″ (approx. overall size) archival inkjet on paper, Edition small print run, with an of image of between 9×6 – 10×8, prices are from $25*, plus shipping**

Custom double layer archival matts are available at time of purchase for $10* each, or $12.50* for a coloured option

Framed images are generally available only from my studio or other point of sale opportunities.

*Plus applicable taxes, GST & PST in Ontario. GST outside Ontario. No Tax outside Canada. The buyer is responsible for any other import, custom or local provincial, state or national taxes.


We will ship at cost to anywhere in the World. The shipping costs will be added to your final balance. If required we can provide a quote for shipping. If you are outside of Ontario, Canada then we only add GST and if outside Canada then we do not add either GST or PST. Prices quoted are without tax unless otherwise stated. Any local import fees, taxes etc are the responsibility of the purchaser. It is possible to ship framed images, but the costs are high so this is only offered in special circumstances. It is normally cheaper to buy and then have them framed locally.

*Plus applicable taxes, GST & PST in Ontario. GST outside Ontario. No Tax outside Canada. The buyer is responsible for any other import, custom or local provincial, state or national taxes.

Contact, Comment and Copyright

Steven welcomes comment and debate regarding his images, please email or use the comments box. 

All images / content on this site are copyright of Steven Draper, unless otherwise noted. Using images without permission is a serious crime, especially if used for commercial gain, within the media or within a context that may not be agreeable to the artist. We understand that it’s relatively easy to rip things off the web, but any unauthorized use will be taken seriously. So if you would like to use an image please drop us a line – it saves a lot of paperwork for us all!


Steven Draper is an award winning  “freestyle photographic artist” based in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. His high quality images cover a range of subject matter but are conceived and created ” from the heart.” Steven is available for a range assignments and can be contacted via the comments box below or emailed at : All material on this web-site is subject to copyright and is not permitted to be stored, reused or re-distributed without the prior written permission of Steven Draper, his heirs or executors.


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2008-04-29 at 8:40 pm

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