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Memorial Hockey Tournament

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Hello Everyone.

My photographs of all the action at the Richard Scruby Memorial Tournament are now on line and avaliable to purchase.

Please click HERE or on ANY PICTURE  to go to the gallery

5×7’s are $10 each, that includes the tax, and will generate approx $5 of proceeds per image for the trust fund. A number are also off to a local newspaper.


The Winners

The images are arranged as best as possible in team groups, although by nature of the sport many shots have players from both teams. I do have many more images so if you do not see yourself then ket me know and I can check my files.

The easiest way for me to manage any purchases is for each team to supply a list of requirements – each picture has a number below it – by the end of April and I can make the prints and hae them sent to you shortly afterwards.

Alternative sizes are possible, please contact me direct for details. Lets see if we can make a few more $ for the trust fund. 

Please feel free to comment below the pictures! 



Critical Event

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The past week has been very busy, and the outcome wasn’t just improvements to the organization of my hard drives, or the disorganization of my blog by playing with different themes and losing all my widget info!

Critical Event is the name given to my event photography work, and it will now reside with its own galleries and info blog – “criticalevent”. This will just make it easier to navigate around each zone, I mean if you are looking at event photo’s do you care about arty fine art prints that cost several times as much?



“Thanks Dad”

One thing I don’t subscribe to is that a “lower” standard of work should be acceptable just because you are not always in control of every aspect of a shot, and any workflows needs to be carried out promptly. Yes some moments do have to be grabbed very quickly and people don’t want to be standing around while you make several camera adjustments, or attempt some more creative angles. So a use a puff of fill flash, set f8 and keep an eye on your shutter speed and ISO – Oh, watch for those highlight blow-outs that wreck images! I still shoot Raw, you just never know when you might need all the data!

I think, if you are photographing other people at an event, then as a photographer you have a responsibility to ensure that the images you present respect the moments that you capture. So I still have a quality over quantity approach, even if that does mean dumping the million dollar winning smile because you’ve managed to capture, in the soft focus of the background, a view down some mum’s top as she bends down to adjust her point and shoot. 


Outside Event work isn’t all about smile, grins or gritty expressions either, my over-riding photographic philosophy applies – stand still, look around and with the benefit of a quality telephoto you can reach into magical moments, and capture them forever.

So have a look at these shots, take a peak at my latest gallery let me know what you think.

Take Care